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Box clever

Unions make work safer

Unions save lives

Fair enough?


Make or break

28 April: Strong laws

Face it

Science friction

Good grief

Dear Prime Minister...

28 April: Strong laws

Will we survive?

28 April: Strong laws

A crying shame

Time machine

Time to stop the tears

Don't pimp our watchdog!

Tied up in red tape

Hell no!

28 April everywhere

Action better than reaction

We love red tape


Stop it you're killing us

This was no accident

Sod you...

Women make great reps

Get the message

We didn't vote to die at work
Hazards 110 Cover image We did not vote poster


Job killer

Get justice
Graphic: Ned Jolliffe

Dangerous li(v)es

We'll bite back

When someone dies
Graphic: Mary Schrider Graphic: Mary Schrider

Daily abuse

The killers

Repeat after me
Poster: Mary Schrider Graphic: Mary Schrider Graphic: Mary Schrider


Choose unions

Collect your cards
Graphic: Ned Jolliffe Graphic: Mary Schrider Graphic: Andy Vine

Falling down

Safety respect

Do you remember who died?
Graphic: Cath Ager Graphic: Mary Schrider Graphic: Mary Schrider

Hazards ad

It's a tough job

Just say union
Graphic: Ned Jolliffe Graphic: Mary Schrider Graphic: Mary Schrider

Cameron? You listening?

Zero cancer

Deadly business
g Graphic: Mary Schrider Graphic: Eve Barker

All union safety reps need

Do you remember?

Safety pledge
Graphic: Eve Barker Graphic: Mary Schrider Graphic: Andy Vine

No Excuses

Safe work is a right

Child's play
Graphic: No excuses Graphic: Ned Jolliffe g


Work makes you sick

Work kills more than war
Graphic: Eve Barker

Victory on blacklisting



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Find a friend

Work and suicide

On course

HSE is all talk

Toxic record

Making money talk

Get a job


Government treatment
1 1

Arm and a leg

Safety deregulation

Natural wastage
Andy Vine 1


On your own

Drug tests
Graphic: Ned Jolliffe Cartoon: Andy Vine

Safety reps are lifesavers

Union effect

Work suicide
Ned Jolliffe Link to larger image Graphic Ned Jolliffe Mary Schrider Graphic Mary Schrider - Hzards 104 Link

Don't be a safety nerd,

Spin cycle

While you were sleeping
Graphic: Andy Vine - Hazards 102 Graphic: Andy Vine - Hazards 103 Graphic: Ned Jolliffe - Hazards 106

Impaired thinking

Death merchants

Who cares?
Graphic: Andy Vine - Hazards 100 Graphic: Andy Vine - Hazards 99

Cancer prescription

Women's work

Ruthless not toothless
Graphic: Mary Schrider - Hazards 99 Graphic: Mary Schrider - Hazards 99 Graphic: Ned Jolliffe - Hazards 101 Graphic: Ned Jolliffe - Hazards 98

Work not good for you

Dame blast

Stop asbestos!
Graphic: Andy Vine - Hazards 98 Graphic: Ned Jolliffe - Hazards 100 Graphic: Ned Jolliffe

Union effect


Working well
Andy Vine Image: Ned Jolliffe - Hazards 99 1

Bury the evidence man!

Safety repressed

Dangerous li(v)es
1 Graphic: Andy Vine - Hazards 97

What's the problem?

Dust up!

Diarrhoea with that?


Shift work

Watcha gonna do?

That was an accident

Unbreakable worker 1

The bones are clear

Brutish standards

Unhealthy lifestyle

Get mapping

More?! Wait a minute!

Tired out

Still blacklisted
1 1

You gotta fight





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