Body mapping sessions

Hesperian Foundation, California, December 2001-March 2002

Photos: Maggie Robbins

The Hesperian Foundation, a Californian not-for-profit publisher, undertook body mapping sessions to assess occupational health problems in the workplace.

The workforce is mostly female and does research, writing, global networking with collaborators, and editing, design, administration, book orders and shipping.

The body outlines were done by a volunteer from the groups, each group composed of five to seven workers. Each worker used a different color marking pen. "I like doing it this way - keeps it more real than the perfectly symmetric outlines and perfect round dots most folks use," said session organiser Maggie Robbins. "The emotion shown via the colors, density, arrows, amount of extras (like the arrows, smile, big eyes, etc) make them expressive in a way the perfect outline and dots can never do."

She added: "The great thing about the workshops was we've actually fixed many of the problems we found."

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