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Cameron says ‘no’ to blacklisting inquiry

Prime Minister David Cameron was recently interviewed by award winning journalist Adam Smith – author of ‘Obama and Me’ – and was asked about the blacklisting in the construction industry. The exchange was illuminating. Adam Smith “With the blacklisting scandal affecting over 3,000 people up and down the country is it not time for a […]
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Sorry site bosses ridiculed by MPs

By Dave Smith, Blacklist Support Group Bosses from blacklist companies were humiliated during a packed 16 July 2014 witness session for a parliamentary Select Committee when MPs repeatedly accused them of setting out to “deliberately mislead parliament”. The Scottish Affairs Select Committee investigation into blacklisting heard evidence from Nick Pollard, chief executive of Balfour Beatty, Andrew Ridley-Barker, […]
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You can run a company, but you can’t hide

Cullum McAlpine was the leader of a shadowy band of construction industry grandees that owned and bankrolled a covert operation that illegally blacklisted union safety activists. He never faced charges – until the Blacklist Support Group turned up at the London HQ of Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd with an arrest warrant. Read the full Hazards […]
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The true cost of an industrial accident

by Stewart Hume, electrician and Unite activist On 1 February 2014, a National Rank and File meeting was held in Glasgow. One of the guest speakers was Louise Taggart from the Scottish Hazards and FACK (Families Against Corporate Killers) campaigns who gave a really moving health and safety presentation around fatalities in the workplace. She […]
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Commons committee says ‘blacklist the blacklisters’

Blacklisting firms jeopardise workplace safety, should be banned from publicly funded contracts and their victims should be compensated, MPs have said.  The House of Commons Scottish Affairs Select Committee also paid tribute to the activists of the Blacklisting Support Group for exposing the injustice. The damning 14 March 2014 report of the committee’s investigation into […]
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Mick Abbott R.I.P. – Shrewsbury, blacklist and workers’ rights campaigner

Statement from Dave Smith, Blacklist Support Group It is with great sadness that we have heard the news that Mick Abbott has passed away. Mick Abbott (pictured with  Ricky Tomlinson) was a leftwing trade union activist in the building industry who fought for workers’ rights all his working life. The scaffolder from Wigan was a […]
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Attempted citizens arrest of Cullum McAlpine

See Reel News coverage of the historic attempt to bring a self-confessed blacklister to justice. The Blacklist Support Group has attempted to serve a Citizens Arrest Warrant on Callum McAlpine, first ever chair of covert and illegal blacklister the Consulting Association. The attempted arrest on Friday 21 February –  the fifth anniversary of the raid […]
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Blacklisting case highlights dangerous loophole

A High Court judge had accepted a UCATT safety rep blacklisted for his safety activities was treated unjustly, but has no legal redress because he was an agency employee. Dave Smith, a founder member of the Blacklist Support Group, was repeatedly dismissed and refused work after his name appeared on The Consulting Association (TCA) blacklist. […]
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Act up! Blacklisters and the government feel the heat

First the construction firms denied they’d done it. Then the government refused to investigate it. And the privacy watchdog said it would not alert the victims. But a massive mobilisation of unions and campaigners against blacklisting of safety activists has forced a dramatic about face and made justice for victimised workers a genuine possibility. Read […]
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Miliband calls for blacklisting inquiry

Statement from Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party 20 November 2013 “Trade unionists and other campaigners have worked tirelessly to keep the scandal of blacklisting in the public eye. “And I want to pay tribute to the work of Ian Davidson and the Scottish Affairs Select Committee who have done so much to expose […]
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