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Skanska’s desperate ruse to evade blacklist blame

Building firm Skanska, the construction giant that last year ran up the largest single bill for use of The Consulting Association’s blacklisting services, has resorted to a novel defence of the illegal practice. It claims it used the blacklist of construction workers to vet employees for a history of violence and drug or alcohol abuse […]
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Blacklisting fallout continues

  Nearly 10 months after it was confirmed by the Information Commissioner that blacklisting in the construction industry was rife, something common knowledge for decades among trade union reps in the sector, new laws outlawing the practice are in preparation and on 24 November 23 of its victims featured on the blacklist will start their […]
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Bereaved families support blacklist protest

Campaign group Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK) is backing the campaign against blacklisting of workers for their safety and trade union activity. A FACK spokesperson said members of the group would join protesters outside a 24 November employment tribunal case in Manchester, where cases against major construction firms, brought by 23 blacklisted construction workers, are […]
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UCATT protests against the blacklist

Construction union UCATT will hold a demonstration in support of victims of blacklisting outside of Manchester Employment Tribunal on 24 November. The tribunal will be hearing the initial cases of blacklisted construction workers. UCATT general secretary Alan Ritchie said: “Hundreds of construction workers had their lives ruined by the blacklisters. Many of them were forced […]
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Fighting the blacklist, Manchester, 23 November

EVENT Fighting the Blacklist Blacklisted workers are fighting back  7.00pm, Monday 23 November, Mechanic’s Institute, 103 Princess Street, Manchester M1 6DD (entrance Major Street) Speakers from the Blacklist Support Group This meeting is being organised on the eve of a Case Management Discussion at the Manchester Employment Tribunal, Parsonage Gardens, involving a large number of […]
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The Wizard of Organising

Blacklisting has been around a long time, as top US investigative journalist Amy Goodman points out on the Truthdig blog. The Wizard of Oz, written 70 years ago during the Great Depression by Oscar-winning lyricist EY ‘Yip’ Harburg, had a serious political message woven into the lyrics. It was part of body of work that […]
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RMT members were on the blacklist too

Members of a third trade union have been revealed as being victims of the infamous construction industry blacklist. In February, officials of the Information Commissioner’s Office raided the Consulting Association. They discovered secret files on some 3,200 workers in the construction industry which had been maintained on behalf of building firms for vetting purposes. A […]
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