Blacklist Support Group meeting details, 6 October

Blacklist Support Group meeting details, 6 October
6pm Tues 6th October 2009
Venue: No 1. Parliament Square (next to Portcullis House / adjacent to Westminster tube) – it will be signposted.
As far as possible we hope to make this a campaign update & organising meeting rather than a standard public meeting with lots of top table speeches and only a short time for Q&A at the very end.
Whilst journalists & supporters will be welcome to attend the meeting, it would be polite to allow most questions & discussion from the workers affected by the blacklisting.

Proposed Agenda
1. Apologies
2. Background to the Consulting Association blacklisting
David Clancy (Information Commissioners Office)
Steve & Colin (Manchester electricians)
3. ET claims updates / Victimisation & Human Rights issues
Professor Keith Ewing – author of Ruined Lives: Institute of Employment Rights report into blacklisting
Mick & Phil (both blacklisted workers have already completed Pre-Hearing Reviews)
4. Proposed Regulations – parliamentary progress
John McDonnell MP
5. Data Protection Claims
Sean Curran (Guney Clark Ryan solicitors)
6. Future press / future activities
7. Any other business

Blacklist Support Group

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