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Britain: Trade in personal data jeopardised employment prospects

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has served Enforcement Notices on 14 construction firms following breaches of the Data Protection Act. Some organisations paid thousands of pounds to unfairly obtain personal information about construction workers.  David Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner, said: “Fourteen firms paid for personal details about construction workers without those people knowing. The individuals were […]
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Britain: Better than nothing is not good enough

Mick Holder of the Hazards Campaign has looked through the UK government’s proposed blacklisting law. It will be an improvement on nothing, he says, but has gaping holes that will be exploited by blacklisters.  The government’s main proposals are: to make it unlawful for organisations to refuse employment or sack individuals as a result of […]
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Britain: Not even a start

The Consulting Association had been in operation at least 15 years when it was shutdown in February 2009 by privacy watchdog the Information Commissioner. But for workers concerned about health and safety on the job, this does not signal an end to blacklisting at work. Campaigners – the word itself a red rag to a […]
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Britain: Blacklist Support Group events

 Following the formation of the Blacklist Support Group, the following dates may be of interest: * Fri 7 August , 7am Manchester @ Fiddlers Ferry – joining protest in support of Steve Acheson (still blacklisted by Electrical contractors to this day) * Tues 29 Sept, 6.30pm  Brighton @ Labour Party Conference Fringe Meeting with Shrewsbury 24 campaign  * […]
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Britain: Blacklisted workers form action group

An informal support network for building workers blacklisted for their trade union and safety activities has been established following a meeting last week at Westminster. Labour MP John McDonnell hosted the meeting at the House of Commons, at which a decision was made to set up the Blacklist Support Group. A spokesperson for the new […]
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