Britain: Workers unite against construction blacklist

organiseA new support group for blacklisted construction workers has pledged to continue its campaign against the practice. Dave Smith, 44, who is part of the new Blacklist Support Group said: “Our agenda now is to keep this issue live, to make sure that big companies are not allowed to flout the law.”

He added: “Building workers have now agreed to set up their own support group after we met with John McDonnell in the House of Commons. Many people on the list are now taking actions and we will be putting pressure on politicians to put through new legislation so this can’t happen again.” 

Smith told the Irish Post: “This is still going on today. And if you can’t complain about the most basic rights, then there is a problem. Some people have had their lives destroyed by this blacklist and we see what we’re doing now as equality for all building workers.”

The group has also said they plan to investigate the prospects of a potential class-action civil claim and human rights cases as well as “the exposing the illegal practices of the major construction firms involved in blacklisting”.

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    Dear All

    I got blacklisted in the 70s and in the 90s and again after I led a sucessfull strike against the employers and the Union officials in ‘partnership’ with the painting contrators.

    From July 2003 to July 2004, I worked a total of 300 hours, even though I was looking for work starting a 6AM every weekday morning.

    The only way I could beat the balcklist was to get elected as a full time union official and we kicked the bums out! And then I fully understood the expression that “payback is a bitch” — a payback is better than sex, it lasts forever.

    Roland Sheppard.
    Reired Business Representative
    Painters District Council # 8 San Francisco

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